Teaching & Directing

Workshops: Puppets, Masks, and More

"Our youth really enjoyed their visiting artist! Anne was great...and brought a very cool project." -Lisa Grotenhuis Crocker, Resident Services Coordinator, Ames Lake

Anne is a MN State Arts Board Roster Artist. You can apply for a challenge grant for her to come and teach a puppetry or mask residency in your school. Click here for more details.

Anne also teaches workshops in libraries, after-school programs, and for various arts organizations. She can offer instruction in English or Spanish.

Anne's students created bark paintings at the MN Science Museum's Camp Wabasha:
Anne enjoys designing new projects based on the needs of the client, but has some standard programs on offer:
Puppet & Mask Classes:
  • Color or Black Shadow puppets
  • Latin American or African Masks
  • Chinese opera masks
  • Toy Theatre
  • Hand Puppets
  • Dragon Masks
Latin American Crafts:
  • Metal Tooling
  • Papél Picado
  • Paper Flowers
  • Retablos
  • Bark painting
Other Classes Anne offers:
  • Improvisational Theatre Games
  • Creative Writing Workshops (In English and Spanish)