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Megapaw Stilt Costume by Anne Sawyer

Costumes for ‘Hairball’ at Open Eye Theater

Fat Cat Puppet by Anne Sawyer

Fat Cat Puppet

"Too hung over to die today," puppet head created for Gustavus Adolphus production of Measure for Measure, 2018.



Golden Dragon made for New York Mills Kalevala Annual Puppet Pageant


Felted Cucú puppet from Three Tales One World puppet show


Nalah Goes to Mad Mouse City

Color shadow puppets for commissioned show "Petrushka," (a collaboration between MacPhail Music Center and Heart of the Beast.) Performed in 2013 with the Elkina Sisters.

Russian Maidens

Color shadow puppet from 2005 original shadow play "Ala Dean and the Marvelous Lamp."

Ala Dean and the Phoenix, Color Shadow puppet

Spirit of Mississippi - puppetry by Anne Sawyer

Spirit of Mississippi

Measure for Measure puppets by Anne Sawyer

Abhorson and Pompey Puppets, Measure for Measure

Lady of the Waters puppet by Anne Sawyer

Lady of the Waters

Giant Bison Head by Anne Sawyer

Giant Bison Head

Pompey and Madame Overdone puppets, Measure for Measure by Anne Sawyer

Pompey and Madame Overdone puppets, Measure for Measure